How YOU Can Make a Difference

I know this doesn't sound very nice, but if a virus or spyware program infects your computer, you are almost always directly or indirectly at fault. Here I offer some common sense computing practices that will help you avoid viruses and spyware. Read on.

Common Sense Computing Practices

  • When you install a program, read the licence agreement that you are going to be bound by. If you absolutly can't read it, at least scan it. Many AdWare and SpyWare programs are bundled with other "free" programs and if you don't read the licence agreement, you won't even know you are installing more than one program. An example of this is the mp3 sharing program Kaaza, which bundles Adware with their program.

  • Please don't install (any more) Internet Explorer toolbars. They are not going to help you find anything on the web, and at best, they just hog some of your monitor's real estate. If you have to have a toolbar, try the Google, Yahoo or Alexa toolbars. These are halfway helpful, with features such as popup blockers and information about the website you are visiting. Most of the other toolbars are actually "Ad Bars" which spy on you and serve you pop-up ads based on your habits/interests.